Story of Tarte d’Or

My name is Aurelie, I’m 33 years old, French and living in the Netherlands.

Since I’m a kid, I’ve always loved baking cakes and over the last decade, I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes and methods (when your kitchen and the materials you use evolve with time, it helps a lot as well 😉 ).

I love the Netherlands (I really do!) but the variety of cakes and pies is pretty limited here and even if I don’t miss French food in general (I really don’t…), I do miss having a large choice of cakes when I need one. Working in an international/multi-cultural environment also gave me the opportunity to try cakes from different countries and get some inspiration.

A lot of colleagues (who may hate me for the weight they gained with my cakes :mrgreen: although I always try to reduce the amount of sugar or butter in my recipes) often asked me “how do you do this?” and very often, my answer is “I just followed the recipe…” so I finally decided to create this blog to share my recipes. After all, I love photography and I know how to use a computer so I thought “why not”?

I chose the name Tarte D’Or (Golden Pie in English) because well, my blog is about cakes and pies but also because the Latin origin of my first name is “Aurum” which means “gold” (“or” in French). I wanted to use my first name but because it’s not the easiest one to pronounce for non-French speakers, I chose something easier and here you go : Tarte d’Or was born. 

I hope you will enjoy it. Feel free to leave a comment under a recipe or contact me here for any questions .